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Documents of the agreement between Portland, FBI

Here is the text of the secret agreement reached last week between the FBI and City of Portland to investigate "left wing movements"
FBI/Portland Declare Open Season on Activists 28.Nov.2000 13:53

Tigger&piglet .

As of 11/22/00, the City Council has authorized the Portland Police and FBI to form the "Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force." This body will "identify and target for prosecution...Right Wing and/or Left Wing movements...and the Animal Liberation/Earth Liberation Front." This body will deputize local cops as federal agents, and employ snitches and provocateurs in an effort to seek "the most effective...avenues by which to convict and incarcerate" activists.

Many people will panic when reading the Portland City Council's declaration of emergency. We think it should be taken for what it is: a congratulatory note.

The FBI and the police believe that "Right Wing and/or Left Wing movements" are posing a grave danger to the people of Portland.

First, ask yourself, what have 'right-wing movements' done lately? Take the anti-choice/anti-abortion groups. Around Oregon, they are pursuing legal activities. They have not shut down any towns. The same is true of the militia/patriot/neo-nazi/tax-resister forces. Some of them are dangerous because they are crazy and armed, but most can barely produce a rational leaflet.

So, according to the FBI, 'left-wing movements' are the danger. If you want to steal cars, rob banks or cook meth, move to Portland, because the FBI and Portland police have different priorities. They will be investigating political activity. Yours.

You have two options: You can stop. Or you can help organize a movement of millions that defies and confronts the FBI. If everyone helps runaway slaves then the slave catchers better leave town. If everyone burns their draft card then no wars can be fought. If everyone breaks illegal abortion laws then abortion becomes legal.

Those of you who are the targets of this task force because you are doing 'illegal' direct actions to protect the earth, we applaud you. Keep it safe and keep it going. Those of you who are considering taking direct action: educate yourselves, then act. Those of you who have little knowledge about how the FBI operates, we suggest a few things:

1. Just say "No". If you are contacted in any situation by the FBI or Portland police, just say "I refuse to answer questions without an attorney present." Only a judge can legally compel testimony.

2. Stop doing stupid stuff. Everyone should be aware by now that the FBI has both the capability and desire to read all unencrypted email. Josh Harper had his email read back to him in federal court this last week. Don't put anything on the 'net or over the phone that you would not repeat in court.

3. Read. Brian Glick, The War at Home
Ross Gelbspan, Break-ins, Death Threats and the FBI
any of Ward Churchill's books (e.g. Agents of Repression) about U.S. secret police. All of these and many others are available at Laughing Horse books or available over the internet.

4. Organize. If ten million of us are doing direct actions, we will cease to worry about the state. If you are contacted by law enforcement agencies, let fellow activists know. Call the Portland Alliance, KBOO, National Lawyer's Guild, Portland Copwatch, etc.

-Tigger and piglet

Welcom to Portland 28.Nov.2000 22:25

Chipmunk otomo84@hotmail.com

Welcome to Portland FBI. We have a beautiful city. While you stay in our city please obey all of our laws as most of us activists have over the years. Also, please take all of your litter back with you as recycling is one of the things we made happen here. Also, please remember that you are in the city of roses and that you need to carry with you any and all of your belongings as you may be evicted at any time.

Welcome to our humble city, I hope you enjoy your stay :)


PLease we need News 30.Nov.2000 17:59


This sort of stuff has been published by the cops sense the USA started.

A law only has affect if you think it has power over you. your minds are
saying they control you. Give me a break that will only happen if you allow it.

All your reading is not a law but a memo between the cops.So what if they publish it
on CNN it has no AFFECT.

yOU ARE so lucky i am a real radical.

Real Radical... 30.Nov.2000 19:22


I am not a real radical. I am ineffable. But, a law does not require my own individual belief in it to exist and to have an effect. It is true that a law ceases to have an effect if people don't consider it authoritative and stop acting by it, but my individual agreement with it does not significantly threaten it. All I'm saying is I don't agree with many of the laws of this country, but if I break them, I'll probably have the cops on my ass. It's good to know your enemy.

COINTELPRO, anyone? 02.Dec.2000 22:24

The girl next door

Thanks Tigger and Piglet for your informative and inspiring comments!

The wording of this only illustrates what many already know--that so called crimes against property are often taken MORE SERIOUSLY than so called crimes against people. And of course,the police can violate you in any way they choose. After all, it's your word against theirs, right? And THEY have the badge and the budget! How dare they call principled political sabotage "terrorism." Yeah, all the capitalist architecture is shaking in its foundations..."will we be next for some unexpected urban redecoration?"

I submit that it's impossible to terrorize a piece of property!

Kroeker, Katz and your Kronies, and the Fascist Bureau of Intimidation, you are truly disgusting and you're not fooling anyone.

The girl next door

PS--I'm sure your attempt to suppress not only freedom of speech but also righteous clandestine action will utterly fail. I'll be laughing as the public closes your offices down in protest.

Re/COINTELPRO, anyone? 02.Dec.2000 22:27

The girl next door

One more thing about my previous comments--

I DON"T support the actions of the anti-abortion movement. That wasn't clear in the last message. As far as those who are threatening the financial-exploitation system (ALF, ELF, anarchists, etc) I have a feeling that this PJTTF is really for THEM, and so I urinate freely on the PJTTF and anything resembling it..

The girl next door

Reading the Enemy's Literature 06.Dec.2000 18:30

Eugene's Anarchist Action Collective aaceugene@hotmail.com

Hey there folks,
thought people might be interested to read about JTTF history, there's an article in the March 1999 issue of the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin. They were created in New York City 1979, in response to a rash of bank robberies. The language, right down to the Memorandum of Understanding, was identical to what is now being used in Portland. There are a total of 19 JTTFs nationwide, as of March. They put a heavy emphasis on prevention and intelligence gathering, so LOOK OUT! Hope this info will be helpfull.

PO Box 11331 Eugene OR 97440

Make our own damn public hearing! 07.Dec.2000 10:29

Red Emma redemma@chickmail.com

The following is an email I sent around giving a report of what happened at the 12/6 City Council meeting and encouraging people to sign up to testify at the 12/13 meeting. If you want to sign up to testify next Wednesday, the deadline is by the end of the day TODAY (Thursday the 7th). Instructions for how to sign up are given below. The names, phone numbers and emails of the entire City Council are also given below, so we can give them all a well-deserved ration of shit about this.

I very much respect that some people will think this whole process is bogus, and that it legitimizes a fundamentally undemocratic process for us to jump through their stupid hoops. I agree that this process is fundamentally undemocratic, but I think it's worth our time to at least go through the motions of testifying. Then we can say to the public, "Look, we TRIED to resolve this the polite, legal way".....


At today's (12/6) City Council meeting,
about a half dozen activists testified about
the City's new "Joint Terrorism Task Force,"
and about a half dozen are signing up to
testify at next week's (12/13) meeting.
We are calling on all concerned citizens
to JOIN US in giving testimony to the City
Council. (Procedure to sign up is given

Back in September, the Portland Police and
the FBI negotiated a secret deal to form
a "Joint Terrorism Task Force" made up of
Portland police officers and FBI agents,
for the purpose of spying on political movements.
(COINTELPRO, anyone?) This agreement was
brought before the Portland City Council
two weeks ago as an "emergency ordinance,"
which means that it was voted into law right
on the spot and became effective immediately,
without the usual procedure of first reading,
public hearing, second reading, and the
usual 30-day waiting period. The agreement
went before the City Council with only the
most minimal of notice to the public and
no meaningful opportunity to testify.

The only reason the progressive community
even found out about this ordinance is that
Dan Handelman of Portland Copwatch happened
to be at that Council meeting, on another
matter. Dan demanded that the ordinance
be moved off the "consent agenda" (which
is a part of the agenda where routine matters
are adopted without debate!) So there was
a little bit of debate. The ordinance language
said that the task force would conduct surveillance
on "right wing and left wing political movements."
Councilor Hales moved to amend the language
to specify that groups must actually be
involved in criminal activity before they
can be spied on. (Big of him, but small
comfort to us. Chief Kroeker has made it
clear that he considers "looking like an
anarchist" to be criminal activity.)

The ordinance, with Hales' amendment, passed
unanimously. Councilor Sten, who was confronted
by activists in the hallway after today's
meeting, admits that his vote on this was
a mistake, that the vote should have been
postponed and there should have been a public

Seven citizens took advantage of the "citizen
comments" process to get on today's Council
agenda. All were there to talk about police,
and 5 specifically to talk about the Joint
Terrorism Task Force. Testifiers included
Dan Handelman, Dave Mazza, Diane Lane, and
a representative of the League of Women
Voters. They raised the questions: (1) What is the evidence of the "terrorism problem"
in Portland? (2) What safeguards for civil
rights will there be? (3) How does the city propose to define "terrorism", "violence", etc? (4) Given
the Portland Police's DOCUMENTED history
of spying on peaceful law-abiding activists,
including violating court orders not to,
how can we trust that this task force will
not just spy on us?

The Mayor has verbally committed to answer
these questions, so we need to hold her
to this!

In addition to the testifiers, there were
at least a dozen other people there to show
concern about the Task Force, including
several who wanted to testify but were denied
the opportunity. The Mayor said "I'm following
the Code here" in explaining her decision
to limit testimony only to those who had
jumped through the necessary hoops. She
refused to answer my questions about whether
and when there would be a public hearing
on this.

I urge as many people as possible to go
through the City's procedure to sign up
to testify at next week's Council meeting.
The deal is this: you need to sign up
in writing by the end of the day Thursday for
next Wednesday's meeting. That's right,
you are required to give them 6 days notice
before you can talk to them, but they're
not required to give us any notice before
they vote to take our civil rights away.

How you sign up is this: email the Clerk
of the Council, Britta Olson, at  bolson@ci.portland.or.us,
with your name, address, phone number, and
a brief paragraph on what you will be testifying

Council meetings start Wednesdays at 9:30am,
and there is no telling how quickly they'll
get through the rest of the agenda, so you
should get there by 10am at the latest.
You normally get 3 minutes to speak, but
the Mayor may cut it down to 2 minutes if
there are a lot of us.

The Clerk told me that the 7 citizens who
testified today may be the most she has
ever seen at one council meeting (the most
using this particular procedure, that is.)
If we can double that number next week,
it will send a very powerful message that
we are not gonna take this! And if the
Mayor STILL refuses to let us speak, after
we have jumped through their bogus hoops,
then we may need to make our voices heard
in a more creative manner....

So, if you can possibly spare a couple of
hours next Wednesday morning, email the
Clerk TODAY.

Call, write or email the Mayor and City
Commissioners and tell them how pissed off
we are that they're giving the FBI carte
blanche to spy on citizens, that they passed
this by a thoroughly undemocratic process
behind our backs, and ask them why they
don't have evening meetings so that working
people can attend!

Mayor Vera Katz 503-823-4120
Charlie Hales 503-823-4682
Jim Francesconi 503-823-3008
Erik Sten 503-823-3589
Dan Saltzman 503-823-4151

Stand up for your rights, and don't give
up the fight!

opinions of a "terrorist" 07.Dec.2000 13:29


As I write this from the perspective of a person who is aware of certain "illegal" acts which have recently taken place in Oregon, I can't help but think that the city of Portland and the FBI have completely missed the point. It seems clear that what they are calling the "left-wing" domestic terrorist threat will be the target of their attention, unless I seem to be missing any "right-wing" action going on. As far as I see, the frustration - that which would lead individuals to put their safety on the line in order to inflict even the smallest distruptions against those entities who view a thriving natural system as nothing more than a resource to be conquered and sold - is not due to the fact that the FBI and police are not already prying enough into our movement and sending enough of us to jail as much as it is due to the fact that they are domesticating, objectifying and commodifying all which is not, nor has even been, theirs to control in the first place. I honestly can't imagine an activist/anarchist inquisition being successful when none of the premises for my own rage, such as the belief that any human has the authority to determine the fate of any other form of life (including other humans), are not so much as touched upon in what they regard as a 'solution.' I can only say that I hope this task force does not impede individuals from struggling in every opportunity, no matter of legality, to create an environment absent of hierarchy and exploitation, and I hope that the existence of this task force reinforces the understanding of the need for security within revolutionary (affinity) groups.

Dec 13th City Council meeting 14.Dec.2000 11:12

Pamela D. Allee biljrat@eudoracom

Nine of us jumped through the proper hoops to get on the agenda for a two or three minute say on the NEW! IMPROVED!RED SQUAD. Because there was an open hearing on another matter at which a lot of people signed up for comment, we were bumped, told that we could take another day off work, or whatever we had to do, and come back next week - well next week there may be another public hearing with that-day sign ups so there's no guarantee that we'll even get one second to address the council. IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT THERE HAS NEVER BEEN AN OPEN HEARING ON THIS TERRORISM TASK FORCE. OK, if you can come to the city council meeting on Dec. 20th, 0930 until whenever, please do. If you can get signed on for the agenda by today, Thursday Dec 14th, even better. Refer to the above article for how-to. I have been asking every person I can - bus drivers, cashiers, people in checkouts, etc. - if they've even heard of this task force. Basically, NO ONE has, and when told a little about it, the general reaction is a blank, pure apathy. This was even (though I guess not surprising) true of a KATU reporter I spoke with via dialing a wrong numbernumber. WOW! WE HAVE WORK TO DO HERE. Keep checking Indymedia, talk to everyone you can...thanks, biljrat

7425 N Portsmouth Ave, 97203

Check this wording out! 17.Dec.2000 20:10

Kevin Prichard kpx@panix.com

Check it out,

It sez "identify and target for prosecution those individuals or groups who are responsible for Right Wing and/or Left Wing Movements, ..."

It says those who are *responsible* for the movements! Doesn't say anything about their activities or the commission of crimes. This is disturbing. Prosecuting people for association and political activity is clearly an unconstitutional repression of rights granted in the Bill of Rights.

Big Brother: *We* are watching *you*.


"3. The mission of the PJTTF is to identify and target for prosecution those individuals or groups who are responsible for Right Wing and/or Left Wing movements, as well as acts of the anti-abortion movement and the Animal Liberation Front/Earth Liberation Front."

hard pressed 24.Jan.2001 20:55


In reality, this is hardly unexpected, considering the level of activity in the Pacific NW. Nonetheless, despite my better judgement, i AM somewhat surprised, since I cannot recall a single left-wing/anarchist/ALF/ELF action that could be even remotely be described as "terorist activity" in Pdx in the last several years. What, marching in the streets? Using a bullhorn without a permit? A sit-in at the FBI office? Even the liberals can't possibly consider this terrorism... oops, silly me, I guess they already have.

READ ON !!!!!!!!!! 07.Feb.2001 06:35


You really should read on...see II. MISSION where it describes the extent and intent of the focus. I agree that NO ONE should be given blanket freedon to do whatever they want in that arena, but with the overseas threat as well as the domestic concerns, what would YOU do ?? Okalahoma city cost dozens of inocent lives to make a political point. I don't want myself, my wife or my children to suffer at the hands of extreme groups prone to that kind of behaviour. Without some oversite system in place we concieveably would see not only personal and property damage but a return to the civil rights abuses brought on thr black community in the '50s.
Voices should be raised and concerns brought forward on the scope and procedures but , unless you have a better plan to "police" these groups and GUARANTEE MY SAFETY, this may be all we have !!!