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Buy Nothing Day - 11/24

Buy Nothign day - an annual event on the biggest shopping da of the year.
Adbusters says:
On the busiest shopping day of the year, let's send overconsumers a reminder: they're living off the backs of future generations.
visit www.adbusters.org for more info on what Buy Nothing Day is.

Organize the day of at at 1:00pm Salmon and Park. Bring
signs, flyers, noise makers, etc. At this point there are no projections of attendance but rumors state there are flyers up in Beverton and Gresham.


In Defense of Animals is organizing a march in downtown Portland (since this is Fur Free Friday as well) which will stop at several fur retailers. for more info, go to www.FurKills.org.

2pm - there will be a street celebration at the Lloyd Center. meet at Holladay Park on the southern side of Lloyd Center (next to the MAX stop). The theme of this party will be a festival against capital. There are no plans as to what form this party will take, that will be determined by
whatever people want to do at the time. This may turn out to be a street party, a march or a demonstration - or a bit of each. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own literature and flags. Dress up, bring noisemakers, and
have fun. If the media asks what we're doing, tell them we're celebrating Vera Katz's re-election. We are hoping to create an environment of festivities, pranks, and all-around anti-consumer behavior. Just show up to have a good time.

5:30 pm - there is a community picnic under the west end of the Burnside Bridge. bring some food to share (how you acquire it is up to you, as long as no money was exchanged in the process) The Critical Mass bike ride will
also leave from this point.

Evening - come up with your own creative anti-capital actions. See you there.

the following sites have been recommended:
Buy Nothing Day in Eugene 24.Nov.2000 21:56


Greetings Comrades,
I just wanted to let folks know that the Eugene Organic Coffee shop "Out of the Fog" had a Buy Nothing Day celebration in which free meals and coffee drinks were served, and videos "Afluenza" and "Surviving Afluenza" were shown throughout the day as part of an on going public anti-consumerism education campaign. Upwards of 50 people showed up throughout the day.

Report back? 25.Nov.2000 13:53


Can anyone give a report on what happened at any of the Buy Nothing Day events (in Portland)? I heard there were arrests at Critical Mass, but not from an eyewitness.

Citations at Critical Mass 26.Nov.2000 00:37

Rob cramp@unixpunx.org

i rode (and walked) Critical Mass yesterday. so far as i know, there were no arrests. there was a slew of citations issued; police took every opportunity to give people fines. mostly they gave people tickets for lacking lights, but also jaywalking, riding down the sidewalk, etc. the police rode *their* bicycles down the sidewalk, and motorcycles too when they felt like it. overall quite a disheartening experience. i attribute a good portion of yesterday's failure to the flyer that urges two separate critical masses: a "wuss" ride and a "hard core" ride.

we are also to blame 26.Nov.2000 10:20


I also think that we are to blame for the failure of the Mass on Friday. We split ourselves up- that was short-sighted and stupid. They want nothing more than to divide us...why did we give them the satisfaction? I know the stated reasons- some people (me included) are upset at the confrontational people who ride in the oncoming lane, who thump on cars while screaming insults, who endanger other riders with their reckless driving while en masse. But the way to deal with these people is not to cast them aside or make them have their own ride (which of course the cops are going to prevent). We need to talk to them, work with them, work around them if necessary, stay several feet away from them if we feel endangered personally, but DON'T separate ourselves from them! We need all the support we can get at this stage, and we shouldn't feed our friends to the wolves.

Furthermore, though I am peronally uncomfortable with their antics, I am also avowedly a wuss, and maybe I just resent them for doing things I'm not brave enough to do. There is a lot of antagonism towards cars- it's honest and it's justified, and I don't think it necessarily needs to be stifled.

CM is not easy for me, but it's important 05.Dec.2000 10:09


Nov. ride, determined to have our night, we walked our bikes to allow those without lights to participate for a while (cops cited those without lights). we then hopped on the road and were off, but we knew the cops were particularly pissy, so many of us went legit, signalling our turns and all, though we still went through intersections en masse even if the light was red. by the end of the ride, THE COPS WERE GONE. though becasue of their cracking down, we were down to about 20 riders.

we should'nt have to be afraid of riding our bicycles together without a permit.

keep riding TOGETHER.

it is very important to not split the ride. we are only strong in numbers and we need solidarity.

it's hard, and it's darn frustrating, but we can never give in to the cops wanting us off the road. the're pleased as punch when folks who are nervous about police presence stop riding. i'm nervous enough when i see a cop on the street, let alone on my tail during a ride. the bright light bold behind me, the loud rumble of their motorcycles inching up on me, in a heavy traffic situation, it makes me nervous and inhibits my ability to ride safely.

i concentrate, determined to win this important fight, i look up at my fellow riders and we smile, laugh and ride on.

it's not easy for me, but it's very important, so i continiue to ride critical mass. i also support behind-the-scenes work that promotes bicycle transportation (  http://www.portland.indymedia.org/display.php3?article_id=442 ). with both forces, we will some day win.

revolution communication 05.Dec.2000 10:18


to stay involved in the critical mass discussions between rides, join by sending an e-mail to  lists@tao.ca and type the phrase subscribe pdx-cmass in the message field