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s26 arrest in Portland at Pioneer Sq.

Here's a picture of my arrest at the S26 protest in Portland.
s26 arrest in Portland at Pioneer Sq.
s26 arrest in Portland at Pioneer Sq.
After the cops had recklessly charged inot the crowd with their horses, I found myself trapped between the horses and the RTS sound system. A few of us sat down in an attempt to calm the situation and got tackled by a bunch of cops. While at least two of them held me prone on the ground another dropped his knee full force into my sternum. I was then tossed into a sweltering hot wagon which we were overcrowded in and kept in for at least a half hour before being carted down to the hoose-gow. The D.A. is "not pursuing charges at this time."
Thanks, Rojo 22.Nov.2000 12:27


Thanks for showing that intense photograph. I want to remind everyone that Copwatch is still trying to hook S26 arrestees up with free lawyers. We also want people with photos, video, or eyewitness accounts of arrests (or of police misconduct) to step forward and share your information. It could be very important to the poeple who were hurt or arrested!!

If you know anyone who got arrested who needs legal representation and/or witnesses, give Portland Copwatch a call: (503) 321-5120 for the Incident Report Line; or (503) 236-3065 for the office.