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Earth Firsters Shut Dowm McDonalds

Red Gate Earth First!'s three year campaign that SHUT DOWN a McDonald's for good is now a video... Check it out, stream the video below, 5 minutes of anti-corporate inspiration!


Note: you'll need Real Player Basic which can be downloaded from


homepage: homepage: http://www.cameraplanet.com/radar/content2.php?id=700&action=1

Please use MPG format! 26.Nov.2000 17:54

Miles Poindexter miles@self-propelled-city.com

I wanted to watch it but couldn't. Could you just put up a simple .mpg movie so people without RealMedia can watch it with other software?? RealMedia format is a proprietary format owned by that company. MPG is an international standard that anyone can created players for. Thanks!