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election fraud

Indicision2000 photos 11-18-00

photos from pioneer square at the second (Don't) trust the poeple demo
Indicision2000 photos 11-18-00
Indicision2000 photos 11-18-00
I went down again on the 18th this time there were a lot more Republicans than their where Democrats and Naderites I think the unfortunate part of all this is that the majority of the people there didn't want to discuss matters of vote fraud or how neither of the candidates ever addressed certain issues like the currant status of the war on drugs or the undue influence of corporate greed. I have gotten reports of vote fraud as I assume others out their have as well. The one that was most intriguing to me was how representatives of the two parties could go into retirement homes and "help the elderly cast absentee votes" and I wander how many of those retirees even could tell you what the currant presidents name is let alone what their own name is due to alzshiemers or other mental disorders from age. I'm not trying to say they shouldn't be able to vote due to their age but I wonder how many retirement home managers are living beyond their financial means and would be willing to take bribes for access to those comatose voters who probably couldn't sign their own name let alone fill out a ballot.

Florida has a long well documented history of vote fraud, going back to Janet Reno's watch as D.A. in Dade County. I postulate she was put in office partially due to her non-inforcement of vote fraud in Dade County.

This is a couple of sites I mined about vote fraud

homepage: homepage: http://www.networkamerica.org/greatest.htm