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PDX-IMC editorial guidelines

This site is run by a collective. The folks in the collective are responsible for what appears on the site. These are our temporary policies, until official policies can be worked out and agreed upon.
The Portland Independent Media Center is independent of corporate control. It is run by a collective of volunteers committed to voices that are excluded from the mainstream media. Anyone can publish their text, images, audio, and video.

However, this site is not a free-for-all. The collective responsible for the site has decided to exercise its censorship ability in the following cases: doubles (or more) of the same post; posts that are obviously false or libelous; posts that advocate specific criminal activity, giving specific time, place, and/or manner. Soon, we will have a commentary section - once this is established, only "news" (yes, we will define this) will go in the news section.

We will exercise this censorship ability with extreme caution - we believe in the importance of the free exchange of ideas. Despite what a few folks have said, there has not been very much censorship to date - one post was hidden a few weeks ago, another was censored yesterday. That's it.

Yesterday's post had a headline that read "Wanted, dead or alive: Mark Kroeker" and contained his address. Sorry, we can't help you put out a "hit" on someone. Accept that or go away.

Note that there are lots of free-speech sites on the internet... anyone can go create a web page that says anything they want. Then they can place a link here at indymedia to their own personal site.

Take a bit of personal responsibility folks, and don't destroy our independent media by putting out "hits" on it - even the loony "patriots" are smarter than that. Also know that just because you are relatively "anonymous" by not having to identify yourself by name here, there are ways for the feds/cops to find out where individual posts are coming from - be smart and watch your back!