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censorship not such a good idea

pretty scary i've seen that word too many times here
You mention censorship to most of us and its not a pleasant response. We don't like censorship,but we do it to ourselves. Why?.....
Now I'm staying in west palm beach,Florida. so my only source of whats going on in portland is the ptown indymedia but I keep seeing the c-word everywhere. The news media censors us enough, why do we want to do it to ourselves? Is your opinion more valid than mine? If it is who decides?
On s26 I was part of a solidarity march in west palm. during the prep I helped make many of the signs and one of them a big banner with a picture of the earth, many different types of people and some animals, said "revolution is for everyone".
Well if you have'nt allready guessed the whole sign was censored because some one thought those words might be offensive to some.(now you have to remember this is the eastcoast)Now taking down the sign may solve the "offensiveness" problem, but what does it do to the movement?
Censorship is part of that ugly old world we are trying to get rid of. Lets not make it part of new world we are trying to build.
censorship on indymedia 20.Nov.2000 18:54

an admin portland@indymedia.org

i specifically use the word "censorship" when exercising that power, because it is a dirty word and it is good to be reminded of that.

at the same time, this is the real world. there will be times, indeed there have been times, where we will decide to exercise that power over this site. the exercise of censorship power is taken seriously by the portland indymedia collective. get involved!

yesterday was the first time actual censorship happened on the site - hardly something that happens "all the time"! most of the censored post remains in the newswire just below this story. Parts were removed, because the post put the portland indymedia collective in danger. it was exactly the same type of "wanted" poster that led the feds to shut down anti-choice abortion sites. this is not ever going to be a place where "wanted" posters are ok.

based on the experiences of the other indymedia sites, more often than actual censorship the collective will exercise it's power to remove posts from the newswire and place them elsewhere. by far most often this will happen because of duplicate posts. other criteria have been established by the portland indymedia collective - please see the news item above this one. soon we hope to have a commentary section, where posts like this will go.

get involved!