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Portland's Chief of police is a homophobic, racist, sexist, child abuseing, all around demon of a man. Now you can help take him down.
For immediate release...

**censored: this post originally contained an address in this space**

So there you have it. You know him, you hate him. Lets take action and send the demon back to hell(or at least to LA). Not one more moment with Kroeker as the overseer. Fight fire with fire... KROEKER OUT NOW!!!

homepage: homepage: http://www.KICKHISASSBACKTOLA.com

above post headline censored by me 19.Nov.2000 18:47

an admin portland@indymedia.org

Sorry, the headline of the above post was way beyond what this collective can allow for our own safety and continued existence.

The post also contained what appeared to be an address. It was also removed.

The news wire is for new purposes - soon we will have separate sections for announcements, and one for commentary. In the commentary, freedom of speech will be the standard. Coming soon, we hope.

GET HIM OUT! 19.Nov.2000 19:31


The people of portland have, in all rights, indicted Kroeker for crimes against humanity. Just as the Oregonian prints the names and adresses of people the police charge with crimes, so we have now held Kroeker up to the same standerd. We have a powerfull wepon in the IMC, and it must be allowed to reach its full force in the war against injustice. This is just as much "news" as the crime page in the Oregonian, the FBI's "wanted list", or any other such item. Information is NOT bad, Censorship IS. Please let us win...

**address censored again**

"If ya can't take the heat, stay the hell out the street!..."

no can do 19.Nov.2000 20:06

an admin portland@indymedia.org

publish a link to anywhere on the web. there are lots of free places to set up a site - have your say, and link to it from here... but don't endanger the entire indymedia project by printing it here, it's beyond what this collective will allow.

... good question! 19.Nov.2000 20:25


Are there limits to free speech? Pretty hard to figure out, in a vacuum. And that, unfortunately, is where a lot of people seem to live.

If the point is to mobilize, then office addresses, locations for events ... maybe EMail addresses and phone numbers, those are effective.

If the point is to be a pain in the a** for folk who are doing their best to enable mobilization, then I suppose there are lotsa things that can be done.

I guess it depens what folk want to do. And ain't that great?

regards of the finest kind to folkz on the left coast


The Far-East of North America

dear pipsqueak 20.Nov.2000 01:16


It is my opinion that the original post should be gone, but I do think it needs to be discussed. and that these people need to be talked to. The first problem I see is that the poster is advocating "kicking his ass" and I have a piece of wisdom for this ignorant fool: VIOLENCE BEGETS VIOLENCE and if you advocate kicking the chief's ass you have to remember that he is in charge of a force whose job it is to be prepared for just such an occasion and that they are well trained. We have free speech so we can inform the public and advocate policy change. Not so we can lynch someone for his or her beliefs. At major demos even the anarchists know to keep the property destruction two blocks away from those who are engaged in lockdowns or don't advocate property destruction but this post doesn't even fit in that category. It fits in the vigilante category and is very stupid. If I had their IP address I would forward it. If people want to advocate this kind of conduct they can go somewhere else, because if they don't the IMC won't be able to allow people to post without having to give their E-mail address for password return and that would be a hassle.

As well it could discourage others from speaking their mind in a civilized manner. So thanks for nothing you jerk. Now the IMC people have to be more diligent in monitoring the site and that's work, and that time could be better spent on research and informing. This site probably hangs on a very thin string and if the IMC people even have to fight one legal battle over this kind of B.S. I will do everything in my power to make the person who's responsible for it's life as difficult as possible and have no regret doing so. So have some respect for what they are doing and don't drag them into your primitive might-makes-right Neanderthal games. We don't need people to go harm others we need people to be witness's and then be able to tell truth and let the judicial system be forced to not ignore those legal battles instead the anonymous poster is putting others in jeopardy by advocating hurting people which is the same thing that they are accusing the person they want to hurt of. And about the indictment of the people, an indictment only means that a grand jury thinks there's enough evidence to go forward with a trial. So an indictment doesn't mean the person is guilty only that it's worthy of further investigation. So the anonymous poster is taking the position of judge jury and enforcer of corporal punishment and that is a violation of human rights. So who the hell are they to bitch. Or maybe the poster is just a infiltrator trying to test others resolves or maybe the idiot who posted this really doesn't want IMC to be here because the Imc doesn't do everything that their self-centered asses want. I suppose that echelon has already figured out who posted the first message and is working on an indictment and if theirs any perceived attempt on the chief they will get the whole blame.

Excuse me?! 20.Nov.2000 06:57

Nicole NicoleMeshell@hotmail.com

Excuse me?! Mr./ Ms. Violence begets violence. You are going to make someone else's life hellish. What do you think that is? To any outsider it IS A VIOLENT THREAT!!! Let's not be hypercrits. Especailly when you and some other small group of activist seem to think that your opinion should be the final say in what goes or not into a INDEPENDENT media resource. If you choice to be high holy and censor out extremist rants due to your FEARS. Then this is not ALL OF PORTLAND'S Indy Media Center. IT'S YOUR PERSONAL PET PROJECT!!!! Get a grip on your fears not on radical thoughts!!

reality 20.Nov.2000 15:46

i heart imc

the reality is that the police read this, all of it. so do many other "powers that be". no need to get imc shut down, no need to take a risk, why not get the controversially risky shit off of imc, onto something else free, like geoshitties, and leave a link behind. you do't need to know html to set up a free geocities web site. it's super easy.

so what is that controversially risky shit? there is a wavy line and it's pretty subjective, but there are imc meetings where people can attend and be a part of the collective voice that determines that.

is it worth the risk to put out an ass-kicking threat to may-he-croak-er here instead of a link to the threat?

in addition 20.Nov.2000 15:49


It's definitely a risk, I want to reiterate that to anyone who might disagree. If they can fuck with peaceful protesters sitting on the ground saying "we're practicing non-violence", go up to them and kick them and pepper spray them and all that nasty shit, you bet your life they're gonna shut down imc in some way or another when they see how we organze through this medium.

What's the charge, officers?

YEAH RIGHT! Like they need to play by the rules, like the EVER play by the rules.

Play it safe at Indymedia, we already risk enough shit out there, and there will never be a strong OUT THERE movement if we don't preserve out communication lines IN HERE.

What is your mission? 20.Nov.2000 16:15

A. Nonymis

First let's clear up something right up front: self-defence is NOT violence! IT IS INTELIGENCE! Allowing ourselves to be continualy vicimized by Kroeker and his "law" is the real crime here. Another problem I have with your post is the logic of thinking we need more "witness's" to go to court or some such thing. While not a bad idea outright what we really need more of are people who are willing to stand up, not to witness the crimes of the system, but to take action and stop those crimes from being perpetrated. What we don't need is more pasifist, liberal, boot-licking, house-negro, don't-rock-the-boat-dogma. (this is an attack on those ideas, not you) To hold people back and silence their voice, because it dosn't fit in to your narrow view of what the best course of action is, is quite athoritarian. Something eles I find puzzleing is the fear and defeatism that seems rampent in liberal thought. You seem to have internalised a good deal of self-hatered and powerlessness. You are not going to warm-fuzzy your way out of the desructive police state. Power concedes nothing without demand! Why is kicking a police chief outta town that has, by most all acounts, caused disruption and distruction of our city and community such a wrong thing? Think about it long and hard, get pissed, and then TAKE ACTION!

P.S.- anyone who did't get to see old man Kroeker's adress need only to check a telephone pole near them. yup, it's posted all over town. They'll be no one to stop us this time!
bad cops, bad cops... whats ya gonna do?... whats ya gonna do when we come for you?...

hey A. Nonymis 20.Nov.2000 17:49

an admin resign, kroeker

There is so much I agree with you about. Power concedes nothing without a demand. Kicking this police chief out of town is the right thing to do. Various things are going on to try to force that to happen.

Note that your post was not removed from the site. You make some great points, with great passion.

Some might call it chicken-shit to try to incite others to do that which you yourself are afraid to... but I won't go there.

Surely though, you can see that a headline on the front page of indymedia, stating "Wanted dead or alive: Mark Kroeker" along with what is supposedly the guy's address, is bullshit.

Your anonymous posturing causes real people to be exposed. You seem to be either tactically stupid, or a provocateur.

All indymedia readers: please see the newswire for our temporary editorial policy, and get involved!

Kroeker, kroeker; Wherefore art thou? 21.Nov.2000 11:27


Tactical intelligence really is the issue here. Taking a page out of the right-wing anti-abortionist handbook, by producing the Wanted posters IS a legitimate action. Posting this crypto-fascist cop's address all over town IS a legitimate action.

Transferring your strategic risk to the Indymedia site, is NOT a legitimate action, and your own awareness of the tactics employed by the state in these matters ought to tell you that much.

Constantly testing the boundaries of free spech, and letting Indymedia take the potential fall for it really does smell of provocateurism, or at least extremely poor, self-serving judgement.

We have to be as smart as we are committed, ya'll.

For the revolution.


Wanted: FREEDOM and JUSTICE 21.Nov.2000 20:38


OK, OK, OK, I have seen, after this quite lively debate, that I was wrong to put at risk those who are unwilling to take that risk. I still feel that if something is not worth going to jail for then it's not worth very much. Another thing that you, and the cops reading this, need to know is that a NEW-SCHOOL of activists have emerged in the global struggle. We are not interested in bargining or begging; Not interested in bullshit laws and rules. We will NOT follow ANY cops or rulers. For we have seen where they wish to lead us: to our demise. We will not be stopped, we will not live in a police state. We fully understand that it is better to die on our feet than live on our knees. That when given a choice between cowardice and violence, we will always choose violence. ALL progess has been made by those willing to fight, and die, for it. We will NOT run anymore.
So keep up the good work everyone, and When shit hits the fan we will(hopefully) see YOU on the front-line...


if it's not kroaker 21.Nov.2000 23:03

citizen review

remember, we need to work toward good changes like civilian review board because any other prick we get in there could be just as bad as kroaker. from what i understand, previous were no better, it's just that these tapes are pulling ole croak into the spotlight (thank god)

to Firefly 22.Nov.2000 10:47


Firefly, not that you asked for my opinion, but your message gets across much better in this more recent post.

A grizzled old radical pointed out to me recently that 'the Revolution proceeds on all fronts' --Whether we dismantle the State with words, placards, or "demolition therapy", it's all one struggle, with one goal.

I'm glad to see your passion and conviction as part of this growing movement.