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Maxxam logging in the Mattole Update - 11-17-2000

Last Friday, we heard the news we've been anticipating for weeks. A truckload of Columbia Helicopter loggers showed up to clearcut one of the seven timber harvest plans (THP) on Rainbow Ridge,1-99-475.
<b>This update is for the NCEF! Action Alert List</b>
<p><b>Maxxam Logging In The Mattole</b>
<p><b>-No logging since Friday, November 10th-</b>
<p>Last Friday, we heard the news we\'ve been anticipating for weeks. A
truckload of Columbia Helicopter loggers showed up to clearcut one
of the seven timber harvest plans (THP) on Rainbow
Ridge,1-99-475. They were greeted by twelve forest defenders who through
their brave but non-violent approach were able to keep
all but one tree standing. The Humboldt County Sheriffs gave chase
to the activists while forming a protective ring around the one pair
of fallers who managed to down one 150 yr old Doug-Fir. Two activist
were pepper-sprayed but no arrests!
<p>Maxxam/Pacific Lumber has not returned to the Mattole since Friday in
part due to wet weather road use restrictions but largely
because of the constant presence of 20+ forest defenders in the THP.
Mattole Community members are ready to block the main gate
leading into the area as they did Monday November 13th. Yesterday we
got word via cell phone that the Mattole Forest Defenders
have declared a free state and have erected elaborate blockades to
slow future logging crews that will inevitably show up.
<p><b>With the weather forecast clear for the next week, Saturday November
19th is the first day falling crews can again have</b>
<br><b>access to the area!</b>
<p>Please come to the Mattole for a few days and help defend the 3,000
acres of incredible old growth Doug-Fir forest. We prefer
those with direct action experience. Please call the hotline first
at 707-441-3828. Come prepared for very cold, rainy conditions. The
hike into the area is over 12+ miles. There is no basecamp so please
call the hotline to get invloved. We also have a wish list:
backwoods food (high protein pocket foods such as clif bars, dried
fruits, nuts, dry soup mixes, falafel mix, etc), vitamin C, rain gear,
warm clothing (non-cotton polypro and fleece preferred), wool blankets,
batteries (AA, AAA), radios, backpacks, tarps, video
cameras, and of course money... One can mail donations to the addresses
list below.
<p><b><u>Litigation and Aquisition</u></b>
<br>THP 475 plan was first challenged early in September by EPIC, Lost
Coast League, and the Humboldt Watershed Council. The
case made it to the California Supreme Court and though an injunction
to halt logging until trial was denied the case is still alive. Two
other Mattole logging plans 1-00-020 and 1-00-031 are being challenged
(in pro per) by Dan Ehersman, who is with a group called
THP Watch. Pacific Lumber has agreed to hold off on logging these two
plans until their court date on November 29th (more details
<p>Mattole community members are working to purchase Maxxam\'s entire 14,000
acre Rainbow Ridge holdings. You can support that effort by calling
Pacific Lumber and Maxxam and encouraging them to hold off on logging for one
year and instead sell the properties to the community.
<br>There are already millions of dollars pledged to this effort. Urge
Maxxam/PL to be a willing seller and begin negotiations immediately!
<p>This is a very economically feasable option for Maxxam. They
claim that they need to log the Mattole to keep their employees
working but logging and helicopter yarding are being conducted by the
Oregon based Columbia Helicopter. There is a strong chance
many of these logs will only be \"rough-sawn\" and exported.
<p>For more information about the acquisition proposal, please see the
<p><b><u>Please contact:</u></b>
<p>John Campbell, Pacific Lumber Co., 707-764-2222, FAX - 707-764-4269
<br>Charles Hurwitz, Maxxam Corp, 713-975-7600, FAX- 713-952-4795
<p>Ask them to hold off logging in the Mattole for one year so the community
can raise the funds to purchase the 14,000 acres.
<p><b><u>For more information:</u></b>
<p>Direct Action: Mattole Forest Defenders,(VM) 707-441-3828
<br>POB 117, Petrolia, CA 95558
<p>North Coast Earth First!, (VM) 707-825-6598
<br>POB 28, Arcata, CA. 95518
<p>Litigation: Dan Ehresman, THP Watch, 707-839-1534
<br>Paul Mason, EPIC, 707-923-2931
<p>Acquisition: Dave Walsh, Ancient Forest International, 707-923-3015
<p>Maxxam Out of the Mattole media desk can be reached at 707-629-3599
<br> http://www.asis.com/~coho
<p>Background information and video footage are available upon request.
Maxxam Out of the Mattole media desk is a project of the Independent
Media Center/Petrolia,  http://indymedia.org
<br>- end -

homepage: homepage: http://www.asis.com/~coho
phone: phone: 707-441-3828
address: address: Petrolia, CA

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