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Urgent Plea From Seattle WTO Activists-Battle in Seattle 2?

Police In Seattle Threaten Mass Arrests During WTO Protest Anniversary Demonstrations - Activists Vow To March Despite Warnings

homepage: homepage: http://www.scn.org/wtocal

Anyone in PDX Going to Seattle? 17.Nov.2000 11:11


I'd like to head up to Seattle for N30 am I'm wondering if anyone else in Portland is planning to go. Maybe we can car pool, get a bus, or take the train together. Let me know here in the comments section and we'll set it up.

carpool 17.Nov.2000 14:56


You might want to call Portland Jobs with Justice -- maybe they could hook you up with a ride without anyone having to divulge their contact info over the net.

november 30 in Portland 17.Nov.2000 15:51


As many may know, the Guild Theater (park ave, downtown) is showing "Showdown in Seattle" at 7pm on the 30th. This should be a good time for those of us who were there last year but may not make it this year.