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S26 footage

about 6 min
S26 footage
S26 footage
This is footage from an IMC staff member. I was not present for the protest and I heard many stories about what actually happened. I do believe if the police had just let Reclaim The Streets stay on Broadway there would not have been disruption to the public transportation. One thing the footage can't really show in this format is the use of pepper spray on people who are clearly not advancing on the officers. And the next time I hear an officer say the protesters where throwing objects at them I will think to myself "what a metaphoric empty water bottle?" I think they where more worried about the commerce on Broadway than they where about social issues. As well I don't think the police on the street that day or on Mayday are interested in why people are willing to risk arrest nor do I believe they are willing to get informed about these issues that force them to enforce arbitrary to the first amendment laws. And are too fascist in mentality to exercise discretion of traffic laws.

But the one thing I would like to say to someone who is not familiar with why the people showed up is: the issue doesn't fit into a sound bite and it is hard to convey what is happening to people in a short simple sound bite. And unfortunately people have to get hurt and go to jail in order for their to be any news coverage of the corporate tyranny to make it on local or national news.

S26.org is a good website to find out why and so is the Prague IMC. But my summary is that the IMF, World Bank and WTO are not democratic societies and should not be trusted to play fair with the world's governments. Including the U.S.

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