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anti-war events in central cascadia, 5-7 oct. 2002

Five Days in October Spark Movement
The first five days of October saw an eruption of organizing, demonstrations, and energy across the U.S. for stopping a possible war with Iraq. Tens of thousands of people gathered at various events to express their opposition to such a war. These events ranged from teach-ins to mass demonstrations, and from anti-corporate rallies to sit-ins, displaying a focus upon the economic as well as diplomatic issues facing the country. [ READ MORE... ]

Corporate and 'Public' Media Marginalize Dissent
If your only source of news in the U.S. happened to be the corporate media, such as the big city dailies, the tv networks, PBS, or National Public Radio, you might be under the mistaken impression that few if any people were protesting the Bush administration's war machine and its ongoing disinformation campaign. As sometimes happens in the U.K., peace demonstrations in the U.S. regularly go unreported in the dominant media. There are some indications, though, that criticism is beginning to take effect, while independent media continues to grow. [ READ MORE... ]

In central Cascadia, thousands turned out on the streets to say NO War Without Limits, NO Detentions & Round-ups, NO Police State Restrictions: NOT IN OUR NAME! Actions in Corvallis, Eugene, Portland, Olympia and Salem put the lie to the idea that pResident Bush's war is popular with the people.


Rally for Peace and Justice draws 600 people
From the open publishing newswire, 6 Oct 2002: A NOT IN OUR NAME rally for Peace and Justice drew 600 people together in Corvallis this afternoon. It was the fourth such event in a cornerstone week for Oregon peace activitism. The Corvallis event followed overwhelming turnouts in Portland, Eugene and Salem yesterday and earlier in the week. Those of us in Corvallis felt we were riding the wave of a turning tide with that larger state-wide and national NION movement, as diverse segments of the community turned out to enthusiastically sign the NOT IN OUR NAME Pledge of resistance, fill out postcards to their congressional delegation, and take phone numbers to phone their Senators Monday morning.

Keynote speakers Ann and Bruce Huntwork of the Mennonite Central Committee recently returned from Iran and the border of Afghanistan where they provided aid to Afghan refugees. They gave a first-hand account of what "the war on terrorism" has done to the people of Afghanistan and what the Bush Administrations plans will do to the people of Iraq. Solidarity speakers from the community spoke of the need to build trust and understanding between peoples of different ethnicity, belief systems and interests. A reading from Roger Weaver and fire-'em-up music from Samusson & Tomassi, Laurie Childers and Balafon Marimba Ensemble topped off a perfect sun-drenched afternoon as the Benton County courthouse grounds filled with a committed crowd of good folks working for peace and justice.

Bush, Cheney and all probably should listen-up. The people seem to be starting to speak. [ PHOTOS ]
[ AP: Corvallis, OR sees 1000 rally against war ]


1000 Take the Streets in the Name of Peace

From the open publishing newswire, 6 Oct 2002: I feel strongly that we must take responsibility and stand up for what we know is wrong. I feel that we must be a voice for all those who cannot speak out, for those who are unable to. I speak for those who have died needlessly in Wars, those who are presently at War, and for those who are on their way to War. I speak for the homeless, the hungry, for those innocent victims who die at the hands of corrupt government everyday.

So please do not tell me that I am committing acts of violence when I am standing out in the street blocking traffic and chanting so loudly that I too begin to lose my voice. When you see me out there know that I am making a distinct declaration that I am not a proud flag-waving patriot who blindly supports our government and its murderous greedy policies. Know that I am ashamed to be an american, that my heart is mournful and angry.

This is why I feel so strongly about taking the streets when protesting. A few days before the "Not in Our Name" rally I put a call out for a march in the streets and also spoke to comrades about it ahead of time.

After the speeches in the plaza were completed, there was an announcement made on the loudspeaker that there was going to be an "impromptu march". We were told that we must stay on the sidewalks and not block traffic. I yelled out "Take the streets!" [ FULL STORY + PHOTOS ]

More Photos & text: [ Not in Our Name Rally in Eugene | Let Peace Begins With US | Young People Speaking Their Minds | Kids Education Not War Devastation ]

7 OCTOBER 2002
'Don't Leave the Left Behind': In defense of blocking traffic
From the open publishing newswire: As the peace movement grows larger than the radical left and into the mainstream, we need to be especially tolerant. If those who are reaching out to the mainstream leave the left behind, they will lose the lifeblood of our movement. Some may think they're reaching a broader audience, but if in doing so, they leave behind our strong voices .. if our message is diluted, we will not win the peace we deserve. WE MUST STOP THE US FROM WAR IN IRAQ!

At the Eugene Not in Our Name rally Saturday (10/5)...after most of the crowd had left the Federal Building plaza, there was a group who marched towards the Federal Building on 7th, and then proceeded to block traffic by standing in the street. Some people from the rally were quite agitated. "What are they doing?" someone said. "They're making us look bad!" Another person began to criticize, "They're ruining the whole rally. Now everyone's going to think WE did this!" I tried to soothe, "This is their way of expressing opposition. It's not wrong. It's just different than how you express your opposition."

"But they're being so violent! They're blocking the street! The police are going to start pepper spraying!" I told her, "Blocking traffic is not violent. They have a right to express their opposition to war just like you do." [ READ MORE... ]

9 OCTOBER 2002
Be a Stopping Traffic Advertisement for Peace
From the open publishing newswire:I have been pondering my recent episode of blocking/stopping traffic during the Not in Our Name Rally. It is a tactic that many protestors do not agree with,I know. There are tactics that I do not agree with as well. We all do what we have to do.

Some people ask what it accomplishes, besides "pissing motorists off". In truth, it is not my intention to piss anyone off. In fact, I am not attached to their response. I am simply doing what I feel I need to be doing. I am making a plea for peace. [ READ MORE... ]


11,500 gather in Portland to demand No War in Iraq

From the open publishing newswire, 5 Oct. 2002: 11,500 Portlanders gathered downtown today as part of the nationwide NOT IN OUR NAME campaign to demand No War in Iraq. Cloudy grey skies were offset by a multitude of colorful signs and banners, loud drums and chants, and an energetic spirit. The crowd assembled in the South Park blocks for speeches and music and then marched through downtown to Terry Schrunk Plaza, in front of the Federal Building, for more of the same.

A comrade and I ran out ahead of the march and picked a corner to count from. We were there for over forty minutes while people passed by in a seemingly endless stream. This is where we came up with the number 11,500. Word on the street is that AP was saying 4,400 and Jim Redden from the Portland Tribune was saying 5,000 or 6,000 (after activists talked him up from 4,500). Did either of these lazy corporate reporters stake out an intersection and patiently watch the whole time? I doubt it.

All in all, it was a beautiful day in Portland. Seeing so many people hit the streets to say NO to WAR was inspiring. I had tears in my eyes for a big chunk of time, I was so pleasantly overwhelmed by the number of faces. Hopefully, this turn-out in Portland today can help inspire NOT IN OUR NAME actions coming up in other cities in the next couple days! [ FULL STORY ]

panorama of crowd at south park blocks
panorama of crowd at terry schrunk plaza
special Oct. 5th, PDX, "Not in Our Name" photo essay
35+ photos posted from Portland rally!
Not in Our Name - Rally Photos
Oct. 5 Photos Part 1: South Park Blocks and March
Oct. 5 Photos, Part 2: The March and the Plaza
Oct. 5 Photos, Part 3: A few unpermitted actions

Not In Our Name, Part 1 [ streaming, 28 min. ]
Not In Our Name, Part 2 [ streaming, 32 min. ]
KBOO radio story

5 OCTOBER 2002
12,000 march for peace in Portland!
From the open publishing newswire: I walked beside a woman who came from the Columbia Gorge on a bus with other peacemakers. The group is called Columbia River Fellowship for peace. Others came from Portland, Salem, Vancouver and Astoria. We met in the south park blocks of downtown Portland and listened to speakers for almost an hour. Then the march began...the permitted march was led by drummers and a peopled banner that spread across the street. The police were on bicycles and escorted us. I stood on a street corner with my picture of a Middle Eastern Woman and the words "Genocide does not equal Justice. We are not the enemy. [ READ MORE... ]

5 OCTOBER 2002
A Middle Class Family at The Rally
From the open publishing newswire: I was there with my wife and daughter. I didn't wear black, or a mask and I took a shower today. I come from a rural farming area. Believe it or not, I have perfect credit, always pay my bills and taxes on time, and have not missed a day of work for ten years. My wife is an at home mother and nursing student , and our daughter is well adjusted and happy. We saw lots of people there that looked just like us. Just normal folks. The Constitution clearly states that I have the right to speak my mind and air my grievances against my government. Do you have a problem with any of this? [ READ MORE... ]

5 OCTOBER 2002
Today's March and Rally was wonderful
From the open publishing newswire: There were so many people of all sorts there today. Old, young, different backgrounds, politics, beliefs etc. Portland made a statement to the nation, and to Congress, and to Herr Bush... Now I am looking forward to seeing the Marches and Rallies in many other cities around the country: NY, SF, LA, and so on. Many people tomorrow will be taking the pledge of resistance. It is a beautiful pledge. It is so meaningful to pledge oneself to resistance, and to live that fully. To stand as a living dedication to truth, to justice and to peace. To think about every action one takes, and ask oneself if that action was one of resistance, or assistance to the corporate war machine. [ READ MORE... ]

6 OCTOBER 2002
Oct. 5 No War in Iraq protest in Portland: The Dragon Awakes
From the open publishing newswire: I thought that I'd take the time to let the emotions of yesterday mellow out a little and the trolls time to rant for a while with their bashing requests before I posted this. I also wanted time to let the impressions I got from all the speakers I listened to and the people I spoke with yesterday sink in and meld.

The dragon I speak of that is waking is the majority of the population that is now starting to remember what this nation is really about. The people that are remembering that we have a constitution and Bill of Rights, that were written and agreed upon by the elected representatives of the people; Representatives that honored the wishes and desires of those that chose them.

The Constitution and the addendum to it, the Bill of Rights, were drafted as assurance to the people that the abuses of power under either an unjust Monarchy, or any other form of non-representative government would not have the chance to creep into existence. It seems that those who were already not awake, (referring to the ones who didn't fall asleep, "left-wing liberals and conspiracy freaks"), are finally opening their eyes, refusing to be content to meekly think, "Well, we did elect them, they must know better than us, let's tell them we agree to let them do what is best for us". The not-elected pResident of the U.S., Bush, and his supporters have found how far they can go with their lies before the people finally wake up and say "NO MORE" [ READ MORE... ]

5 OCTOBER 2002
The OCT. 5th Debate: same old argument
From the open publishing newswire: These summarize two satirical ideological view points of white activists, i'm not saying i have the solution, but stepping back from this mess, its really easy to find the titanic sized gap in this 'movement'. Two sides (much like Christians/Jews Republicons/Demoncrats Stalinists/Marxists etc..etc...)arguing for countless hours while everything goes back to bussiness as usual...pretty sad (by the way i'm at work at the moment so i am exempt from the argument that i'm also wasting my time by ranting) [ READ MORE... ]

More: [ thousands protest today | A call out for Images | What did the "peace" circus actually accomplish? | take notes instead of picts at protest? -- call for quotes!! | Van driving through Oct 5 protest | Oregonian Letters Running Against War ]



Olympia 'Did Good'
From the open publishing newswire, 8 Oct 2002: Last night, more than 1000, maybe 1500, rallied & marched in Olympia WA. The rally was intelligent & well-done. The march was vigorous, with chants, percussion, candlelight. The demographic was broad, showing just how much this community distrusts the would-be dictator. The march began at Sylvester Park, wound thru downtown, & ended at Cong Brian Baird's office, where some left their signs for Baird's staff to see this morning. Cool sign: "There's A Terrorist Behind Every bush!" Cool quote (from an Evergreen State College prof): "If bush wants to arrest every terrorist, he should go to Maine & arrest his father!" Thanks, Olympia, for adding to the spirit, the spirit of Peace, based upon Justice, something the power-mad in DC would not know about. We will teach them! Onward! [ NEWSWIRE ARTICLE ]


The Pledge of Resistance


Creemos que como habitantes de los Estados Unidos
Tenemos el deber de
Resistir frente a toda injusticia
Hecha por nuestro gobierno en nuestro nombre

No en nuestro nombre
Emprenderán una guerra sin fin
Ni habrá más muertes
No más transfusiones de sangre por petróleo

No en nuestro nombre
Invadirán países
Bombardearán civiles, matarán más niños
Dejando que la historia se escriba
Sobre lápidas sin nombre

No en nuestro nombre
Destruirán la misma libertad
Que dicen defender

No saldrán de nuestras manos
Ni armas ni dineros
Que aniquilen a familias
En suelos extranjeros

No serán nuestras bocas
Silenciadas por el miedo

No permitirán nuestros corazones
Que de otras naciones pueblos enteros
sean llamados malditos

En contra de nuestra voluntad
No en nuestro nombre

Juramos resistencia

Juramos solidaridad con los que sufren
Por decir no a la guerra
Por su religión
Por el color de su piel

Juramos una causa común
Con todas las gentes de la Tierra
Hacia la justicia, la libertad y la paz

Otro mundo es posible
Y juramos hacerlo real

*     *     *

The Pledge of Resistance


We believe that as people living
in the United States it is our
responsibility to resist the injustices
done by our government,
in our names

Not in our name
will you wage endless war
there can be no more deaths
no more transfusions
of blood for oil

Not in our name
will you invade countries
bomb civilians, kill more children
letting history take its course
over the graves of the nameless

Not in our name
will you erode the very freedoms
you have claimed to fight for

Not by our hands
will we supply weapons and funding
for the annihilation of families
on foreign soil

Not by our mouths
will we let fear silence us

Not by our hearts
will we allow whole peoples
or countries to be deemed evil

Not by our will
and Not in our name

We pledge resistance

We pledge alliance with those
who have come under attack
for voicing opposition to the war
or for their religion or ethnicity

We pledge to make common cause
with the people of the world
to bring about justice,
freedom and peace

Another world is possible
and we pledge to make it real.