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Together, We Save Ourselves

portland indymedia - N17 2002 - No War Rally & March
N17: rally & march for peace & justice
portland, oregon, u.s.a. - nov. 17, 2002

NOV. 4
The next Big Event: Nov. 17 March and Rally for Peace and Justice - No War on Iraq!

From the open publishing newswire: The next big march and rally for peace and justice in Portland, Oregon, will be held at 1:00 p.m., Sunday, November 17th, at Pioneer Courthouse Square (S.W. Broadway & Yamhill), in downtown Portland. Like the October 5th event, this rally and march is being sponsored or endorsed by over twenty local peace and justice organizations (see partial list below). For more information, call any of the groups listed. [ Read More... ]

NOV. 13
ILWU Local 5 endorses Nov. 17 Anti-War march

From the open publishing newswire: Whereas UN-imposed and the US-led genocidal sanctions have killed more than a million people and caused great suffering and pain for Iraqi people, and
Whereas the US war on Iraq will lead to further massive destruction of Iraqi society, the death and suffering of many more people, and
Whereas only the Iraqi people, not the US government, have the right to end Saddam Hussein's brutal regime, and
Whereas, the US government's real aim in this war is to control Iraq's oil, increasing corporate profits at the expense of millions of working people...

Therefore be it Resolved that we join the growing movement in opposition to any US war against Iraq, and call on the unions and AFL-CIO at all levels and all worker, student, immigrant and community organizations to publicly oppose this war and join in mass protest against it; and be it further
Resolved that we demand an immediate end to sanctions against Iraq...
[ Read full resolution ]

[ ILWU Local 5 ]

NOV. 13
Walking Peace Signs Prove the Portland Peace Movement Has Legs!

From the open publishing newswire: Accompanied by a representative of the Office of Justice and Peace of the Catholic Archdiocese, a half dozen six-foot tall ambulatory peace signs will debut at the Federal Building today as irrefutable proof that the peace movement in Portland has legs. ?We were making these signs for Sunday?s peace march,? said Mikel Clayhold, ?and then we noticed that, like Pinocchio, they seem to have developed a life of their own...?
"... The walking peace signs have arrived in Portland to promote this Sunday?s Rally and March for Peace & Justice, set to start at 1:00 p.m. at Pioneer Courthouse Square. ?Come rain or shine, this Sunday may be our last chance to demonstrate our opposition to Bush?s war on Iraq,? said Clayhold."
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NOV. 13
Radical Feeder March in Solidarity with Nov. 17 Anti-War March.

From the newswire: Portland anti-imperialists will be marching against the impending war in Iraq in solidarity with the rest of the community on the 17th of November. All are welcome to join a spirited, radical, anti-war feeder march that will join the larger rally in Pioneer Square...
...Meet at 12:30 at the North Park Blocks NW 9th and Burnside. We'll take off shortly thereafter.
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NOV. 14
Activists take to the bridge to spread word about Nov. 17 Peace Rally

From the open publishing newswire: I was bikin' in to downtown this morning and found a lovely trio of peace activists spreadin' the word about the PEACE RALLY ON SUNDAY at 1:00 in Pioneer Square. The organizers have been doing a great job of getting the word out about this event, and I really hope it's well attended. Now that the radicals have declared an unpermitted march to start in the North Park Blocks at 12:30 and meet up with the others, there's something for everyone on Sunday. I'll be out of town that day, so I'm hoping to log on to indymedia and find out what happens, so please post your pics and stories, y'all!
[ Photo & story ]

NOV. 14
Peace Signs Form Feeder March

The Fabulous Walking Peace Signs have announce that they will conduct their own feeder march into the Rally the Sunday in Pioneer Square. A spokes-sign from the radical leaderless autonomous collective of walking peace signs announced via a chalked message infront of the Federal Building that they will form their own feeder march into the Peace and Justice Rally this Sunday. Rejecting the use of the word 'march', the spokes-sign insisted that they will 'trundle' from an as yet undisclosed location. Supporters are encouraged to scan the sidewalks for further communications from the collective.
[ Original communiqué ]

Event lacked cohesion, solidarity of purpose
By my count there were 8,000 to 10,000 people that took 18 minutes to pass while on the march. What was not so impresive, was the fact that there still is very little cohesion in Portland's or the United States peace groups. What we seemed to have been, with the exception of a few small groups of organizers, student activist groups, families, clubs, etc, were still just individuals with vague discontent with what the U.S. government is doing with their permission. NO SOLIDARITY OF PURPOSE!
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Plea from Neophyte: Help Me Defend My Friend!
The student that got beat up is a friend of mine. He's just a highschool kid and the cops riped his fucking sholder out of it's sockit we are trying to get video of it to help defend him. If anyone has any information PLEASE contact me at pps_activist@yahoo.com.

Radical Feeder March a Big Success
Around 250-300 folks gathered at the North Park Blocks for a little bit of pre-peace rally fun. Lots of young folks in their Sunday black, but also folks from other leftist groups and some unions. The march was led by a "Smash Imperialsim" banner and took to the streets at about 12:45. No official permits were sought or obtained for this march. Folks argued that they already had this right and did not need to ask permission or pay any fees for "free" speech. The march went straight up Broadway, and as it approached a Pioneer Square overflowing with anti-war protestors, many clapped and joined in with the chant "it's bullshit, get off it, the cause of war is profit".
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The Pulse of Sunday's Rally
Peter Soloway, a member of the KBOO Youth Collective, and Judi Soloway, his mother and partner in crime, brought a jumbo-size pad of paper and an easel to the peace march in downtown Portland. At the top of each paper they posed some questions, then provided passersby with markers and encouraged them to respond in ink. These are the pages, transcribed in no particular order, that the protesters filled with their thoughts and opinions.
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Cops rough up teenager at Sunday's protest
While everyone was marching peacefully on Sunday, at least 2 policemen were busy attacking a protester who ? the police say ? jumped on a cop car. A crowd of about 20 people gathered around a World Trade Center inlet as police held down the boy in wrist locks, cutting off the circulation to his hands. "His hands are turning blue!" many people shouted, in an attempt to get the officers to stop. The boy was not resisting, and yet the cops let him hang there, while holding onto his wrists, for about five minutes until bike cops showed up to escort them to the "Justice" Center. The crowd followed the cops with screams of "let him go!" as they lead/dragged the boy, who was obviously in pain, to the center.
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AUDIO FILE: Together, We Save Ourselves
Today, November 17, 2002, more than 10,000 people, for the second time in two months, crowded the streets of Portland Oregon to voice their opposition to the war on Iraq. Peaceful protestors first attended a rally at Pioneer Square, from there marching through the streets of Portland, then north along Front Avenue to West Burnside, up to Broadway, and then back to Pioneer Square. Despite one corporate news estimate of a six block march, from my calculation, the train of marchers easily exceeded 12 blocks, at one point filling the northbound lanes of S.W. Front Avenue from Burnside on the north, south to S.E. Salmon. At least!
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More articles:
Crowds at Pioneer Sq. music still happening (as of 4:00 pm)
I climbed a tree @ broadway & burnside. I counted 4800+ marchers.

Pics From The Radical Feeder March
definition of "feeder march": when people gather in one place and march to join a larger gathering in another place. a way for people who choose different tactics to participate in the same event.
from the definition for "radical" in the merriam-webster dictionary: 3 a : marked by a considerable departure from the usual or traditional : EXTREME
[ pics from the radical feeder march ]

How many people were *really* at Nov. 17 rally? About 5000.
There have been a wide range of crowd estimates at yesterday's peace rally downtown. The police and corporate media reported ~2000, which is clearly a purposeful underestimate, meant to discount the number of people opposed to war in Iraq. One indymedia activist counted 4800. Organizers claimed 10-13,000. One commenter on this site made the ridiculous assertion of 20,000, which has no basis in reality. I did a rough estimate...
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pretty pictures from the nov. 17 rally!
there was a diversity of groups and signs at the nov. 17 rally. was there a disparity of messages as well? it felt like it. was everyone there for the same thing? no, i don't think so, which makes the whole discussion of how many people were there irrelevant. a split in the crowd was clear shortly after the march started, down by the world trade center buildings, when the young man was being whomped on by the cops. despite pleas with the march organizers to stop and make sure he was okay, the march went on. pleas to the crowd itself led to a small number of people peeling off to see what was going on. most folks, though, just kept going.
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Love in the Justice Center: Reflections on Nov. 17 Jail Solidarity March
Shortly after the crowd returned to Pioneer Square, some of the people who were friends with the young man who was violently attacked by the police organized a solidarity march to the jail to demand his release. I was still very angry at the lack of support given to him by the rally organizers (who refused to slow down or stop the parade to check on his safety) so I offered to try to make an announcement from the stage about the jail solidarity march.
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Sunday's Peace Rally through the eyes of Morgan Likely
Went downtown for the anti-war/peace rally yesterday afternoon and met up with Cory and Stacie. The whole scene reminded me that yes indeed, there is comfort in conformity, security in control, a thrill in domination, and that all of us are secretly attracted to violence and that the greatest narcotic in the world is the sense of belonging. Note to self - it is not what or whom you are reading but what you take away from the literary experience that counts. Lasn's Culture Jam is giving me a whole new list of Situationist works to track down and consume with thine own greedy eyes and the other day I also found myself fondling a literary erection while at the same time salivating over the collected works of Chomsky. So money choices, yet so much money - if it weren't for the fact that it was Powell's books (locally owned and operated) I would have no qualms as far as thievery is concerned. Anyway, back to yesterdays protest.
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NOV. 21
this also happened on nov. 17th: chilling cop encounter

i went to the 'solidarity march' that went down to the justice center to support the young man that had been arrested, and to support those that get much too bad of a rap--the "anarchists". on the way back from the justice center, near pioneer square, some bicycle police rode up behind the crowd of about 50 or 75 people. at this point, everyone was either on or moving onto the sidewalk because we were so near pioneer square, and the "anarchist" group was making room for mass transit to get by. there were 5 or 6 bike cops. i noticed one quietly ride up to a young woman holding a banner and bark something into her ear, loud enough to startle her. another man in the crowd rode his bike between the police and the woman with the banner. i made my way over there to hear what was going on. when i arrived, the officer (who, of course, had no namebadge or id displayed) was taunting the crowd, "who called me a cocksucker? i bet *you* called me a cocksucker! wanna come up and do something about it? wanna prove your tougher than me? let's go!" i never heard anyone call him a cocksucker, although at this point i was tempted. he must have been all of 23 or 24 years old. he was completely out of control, picking people seemingly at random out of the crowd and taunting them, daring them to "take him on." the crowd was irritated but generally he did not succeed in engaging anyone.
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Liberals are part of the problem
From the open publishing newswire: The Peaceniks are pathological. In various comments regarding the youth who was arrested, they are calling what the kid did violent and supporting the police actions, meanwhile they got in their cars and drove merrily away. Driving a car is arguably violent, standing on the bumper of a cop car for like 1-2 seconds is not. Paying taxes which support the war machine is supporting real violence, not the street violence that the peaceniks are so afraid of which is really just exuberant expression of dissent. The extent to which peaceniks will go to keep everyone repressed and controlled is exemplified well here. The young man, who had been dancing and laughing stands on a bumper, harms nothing and is violently hauled away and the peaceniks will blame him. This is a pathological state of insanity.
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Community Action and Liberal Illusions
Imagine if a thousand people had surrounded the cops who were assaulting the young man at the peace march and steadfastly said, you cannot arrest him. Such a show of peaceful solidarity would have resulted in his release. Then if the people who stood for him thought his behavior was incorrect, they could have discussed it, and educated him. That would be an example of a community taking care of itself, of a true democratic action. This would be an example of putting peaceful living into action.
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Holding up a mirror
On the milder side I am embarrassed, on the darker edge, heartbroken. Folks, read your own wounding divisive rhetoric. I find it ironic that [a poster] says no one walks their talk. This hurtful polarization throughout the articles on the peace march defiles what might have been peaceful actions. Peace begins with me. Peace begins with you. How are these stabbing arrows peaceful? ...I will not talk your talk, or walk it.
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On Useless Marches.....
Unless you are going to challenge the system that creates war. Stay home. You marched 10 years ago to stop a war and the Bush Cabal ignored you. You NEVER opened your mouth or took to the streets when the Clinton Cabal murdered 500,000+ Iraqis and now you are marching in the streets again, and again you will be ignored.

Why? Because YOU are marching to make sure you don't have to suffer as a result of war. You march because you know the Iraqi people are tired of starving and killing them to secure your oil rights might take more than a bombing campaign. You will be ignored because you aren't willing to give up your lifestyle of decadent consumption, "P.C." racism and privilege for REAL FREEDOM. You will be ignored because all of these things are birthed by greed and greed will never have the power of the voice of change.
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Real Solidarity???..What did I mean by that? And WALK YOUR TALK???.oh my!!! So many interpretations by people who read what they wanted to hear, based on fear, violence and fear of change. The basic reason for the article was to inform the mass of people what happened: that a boy was arrested for acting out, letting his passion and hormones control his reason. He was not acting out of violence and destruction or control, like the police who took him away were. Realize that that boy WAS PART OF YOU, part of your supposed community against the war. He is a high school student belonging to an organization whose goal is peaceful protest and change. He got carried away though in his youthful exuberance, then literally cut off from "your body" and taken away.
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Solidarity is not Stupidarity
It is good that there were two marches. But participants should understand some basic principles. (And most do.) - 1- The greater the danger in an action, the greater the discipline is required for success. - 2 - Do no subvert the decisions and commitment of the GROUP, once the action has begun. - 3 - Don't expect support for improvisations without thought. - 4 - Honor the dedication of others to do the right thing together, even if you disagree with their methods.
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Tales from the singing bowl...
Hello, to all the peace pilgrims who were in the rivier of 5000 on Sunday. You might have seen me or may not have any idea who I am. I was the young man with the singing bowl( 1 of 2 in the crowd..me and my girlfriend.) I am writing this in response to a few of the comments that have stirred me up a bit. First off let me say that I thought that sunday was a beautiful event, and was very impressed with the number of people who attended, its good to see that peace has the voice of the majority. I also would like to state that Like everyone else who has written a report for indymedia here that I do feel that there was division among us.
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N17 was a farce of morality
"Peaceseekers" who refuse to redress their society's mass greed and wantonness are the Pontius Pilates of Today, seeking to absolve their own guilt of a crime that they are perpetuating. Simplistic blame on cops, Bush, and other arms of the people ignore the causal relationship of bourgeois participation in capitalism and oppression. We must all stop oppression!
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Build the movement against imperialism!
On Sunday, November 17, 6000 to7000 people marched against war on Iraq in Portland. This was only 3 weeks after the October 26 march of over 7000, thus making it the second major anti-war demonstration in Portland in less than a month. And given that the city is considerably smaller than Seattle, one has to consider these major demonstrations. (Moreover, something anti-war activists in Seattle should note: it's organizers didn't wait for A.N.S.W.E.R., N.I.O.N., or some other "recognized" national coalition"s approval before calling the event.) Besides opposing war against Iraq, demonstrators also raised banners, picket signs and slogans against the war on "terrorism", fascist "Homeland Security", environmental rape, attacks on living standards of the masses of American people, and in support of the Palestinian's struggle for national self-determination (plus many others). Thus the demonstration was another blow to the bourgeois propaganda that "we" U.S. residents "are one" concerning U.S. imperialist policies.

Still, in spite of the numbers of people who have been turning out to rally and march in Portland and many other cities, the movement remains hampered by pacifism, illusions in bourgeois democracy, and illusions in the liberal politicians who foster these and other political ills. Looking a little closer at the Nov. 17 demonstration, however, we find that within the anti-war movement there already exists a trend which identifies imperialist war with capitalism, which wants militancy, and which wants to fight liberal sabotage of the movement.
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