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An outpouring of the American spirit against throwing the first punch


portland indymedia - J18 2003 - Take Action for Peace and Justice - STOP THE WAR abroad and at home
Take Action for Peace and Justice
STOP THE WAR abroad and at home

southern cascadia - jan. 18, 2003

Masses of people marched for peace and an end to war all over the United States on Saturday, January 18. The largest demonstrations were in San Francisco and Washington, D.C., where hundreds of thousands hit the streets, but Portland drew 15,000-20,000 as well. Regionally, rallies also happened in Ashland and Medford, Grant's Pass, and Vancouver, Washington.



Ashland March and Medford Rally
From the open publishing newswire: I joined the march from Ashland to Medford late, but organizers are touting 430 people walked the 12 miles from Ashland to the rally in Medford. From what I saw that sounds right on. We got a lot of support from passing motorists, and even a surprising bit of applause and shouds of approval from a group of 5 salesman at a car dealership was passed on Highway 99.

At the rally we had speakers from a few local churches, musicians, and Peter Buckley who ran for US congress. Estimates from 500-700 people were heard, and it was reported by organizers that there were 400 people that held a rally in Grants Pass! The rally finished with people holding hands and singing "We shall overcome".
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'Redneck' Grants Pass has huge turnout for Peace March
From the open publishing newswire: 447 people, 11 dogs and one giant puppet in Grants Pass peace march yesterday... Over 4 solid blocks of marchers and one guy passing out free "Buck Fush" bumperstickers. Not one member of the corporate disinformation division of Homeland Insecurity. As if we care. Almost 100% support from people driving by. In a town that is about 75% Republican! This is grass roots, corporate America. Get used to it, because it's going to be around for awhile. You can't buy it. You can't sell it. You can't stop it. Peace. [ Read more... ]



Updates from the streets by media activists with cell-phones
12:25: Some 300 protestors, part of the planned Radical Feeder march, are gathered at the North Park blocks
Police are on foot and horse in this area and are guarding Nike Town. A tear gas vehicle lies under the Burnside bridge.
1:10: The radical feeder march is now snaking downtown and is "..rocking!" The mall has been locked up by the security guards.
A participant reports the stated purpose of the march: "..the war is not the result of bad pollicies of the government or of a bad president. It is the result of a socio-economic system that is racist and exploitive of the vast majority of the worlds population, benefiting an economic elite at the expense of everyone else. ...with a shout against the current authority and against imperialism the march took off..."
1:35 (from 1:00 pm: Five or six blocks of South Park blocks are totally full of people (the previous marches filled two blocks at the outset). The radical feeder march is now moving to an unknown location and the main march has not yet started.
1:50: Guild Theater- a group of 5 people are burning the US flag which stands for many as a "worldwide symbol of death and oppression".
1:55: The main march is moving and is starting from 9nth and Taylor. Radical march is now on 10th St. An organizor of the main march tries to prevent others from joining "black bloc" march. He is corrected on the spot as to the basis of this effort.
2:30: Estimates of protest march now stands at 15,000 to 20,000 The main march is still continuing and is "endless and uncountable with all types of people".
2:35: The vangaurd of the first marchers are now back at the protest area in the South Park blocks with many of the crowd still waiting to leave on the march.
2:50: Now the crowd estimates of a minimum of between 20,000 to 25,000. A participant states it is "..way way larger then previous two marches" and has been "...standing for the last half of an hour watching the protestors go past" while viewing another section of the march, still going strong, on a street several blocks away.
3:30: The last of the march is arriving at the Park Blocks. Another rough estimate of 15,000 is given by one who stood on 3rd and Jefferson throughout the hour long procession.

Audio from Portland: An outpouring of the American spirit against throwing the first punch
From the open publishing newswire: Today, January 18, 2003, in Portland Oregon, at least 20,000 people gathered at the South Park Blocks near Portland State University in solidarity against a preemptive war against Iraq. This was the third Peace rally, after the October 5th and November 17th rallies, each larger than the one before it, mirroring the growing dissatisfaction in our country concerning the Bush Administrations' myopic rush to war.

The large gathering was multi cultural and multi racial; it was composed of various religions and social classes. It was, mainly, an outpouring of the American spirit against throwing the first punch against a country whose threat to our way of life, our safety, has yet to be demonstrated. Along with the call for peace, this event was also a celebration of the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., who spoke out against the Viet Nam war when it was not popular, or safe, to do so. People gathered for music, for prayer, to be educated, to add one drop to the growing wave seeking a peaceful resolution to the escalating conflicts in the mid east. [ Read More... ]

This is about a 35 minute file from that rally.

Give it up for the real heros - the radicals
From the open publishing newswire: The J18 march was great success! The radical feeder march was awesome (if not a little disorganized - but that's what you get when you don't have a damn permit!) and the permitted march was huge. It was hard to tell how many people were there at first, but when the people who had started marching first came back to park blocks, and people still hadn't marched yet, I realized how many people were actually there. I'd say 20,000 AT LEAST. And the marches can only get bigger as Bu$h escalates his push for war. I don't know when or if he will start listening to the people, but will be able to say that we did not go down without a fight.

I must also give it up for the real heros - the radicals. If it wasn't for them, the middle class liberals wouldn't have been there today. They are people who really make difference day in and day out and open people's eyes to the f*cked up sh*t going on in this world - even if the liberals don't realize it.
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Critical Mass ride delights marchers
From the open publishing newswire: A spirited group of bikers splintered off from the radical feeder march to ride a critical mass ride through downtown Portland urging everyone to reduce the dependency on oil and the excuse for war. The group gathered in the north park blocks and rode along with the feeder march before splitting off in from of Pioneer Square. From there, we rode around downtown to the delight of marchers who supported our messages of "Bikes not Bombs" and "No blood for oil". We also were able to recruit other cyclists who were taking part in the march. The ride had no cop presence and was trouble free, lasting about an hour and a half.
[ Two wheels good, four wheels bad ]

January 18 Peace Protest Critical Mass Ride
A group of Critical Mass riders gathered with the Radical Feeder March in the North Park blocks, and joined the Radical Feeder March to Pioneer Courthouse Square, at which point they split off and spent the next three hours Massing throughout downtown on the fringes of the main rally and march. Signs carried by the Mass included 'Honk if You're Part of the Problem', Who Would Jesus Bomb' and 'No War For Oil--Ride a Bike--Lose the SUV'. The mass varied in numbers throughout the afternoon from about 10 to 50 riders, and attracted many cyclists bound for the main rally.
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J18 Critical Mass Ride Analysis
Today's ride, despite it's somewhat limited size, deserves analysis since it differed in significant ways from regular rides. As we congregated with the Radical Feeder March for the war protest, it became apparent that it would be difficult to extract riders from the 1,500+ marchers. Establishing a meeting point which is shared with a march has it's limitations. People standing around without bikes effectively serve as "control rods" preventing critical mass from occurring.

We followed along with the march for a few blocks, bikes filtering to the front and riding circles at the head. When we arrived at Yamhill, where the march turned left, we did a bike lift in order to squeeze any stragglers from the crowd and began our ride in earnest. The route which we took for the next three hours circled and weaved around the perimeter of the 20,000+ permitted march occasionally peeling new riders off or losing riders to the crowd. While the number of riders never reached more than about 50 at any given time, I'd guess that close to 150 different people participated at some point. [ Highlights ]

Portland: 'Don't March, the Police Aren't Ready... '
From the open publishing newswire: Did I hear it correctly? Someone announcing from the stage that we should not march, becasue the police weren't ready?

Stage MC:
"I know folks want to march, but the police aren't ready yet. Our permit does not start until 1:45. Please don't start marching. Will all available peacekeepers please report to 9th and Salmon." (where restless people had started to march)

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I just thought those words came blasting out of the PA. Yes, it's nice to have everything go so smoothly, but we don't need anyone's permission to do this. We should not have to pay for free speech. We should not always do what they tell us to do. Let's hope folks do more than politely march when the bombs start dropping.
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J18 organizers deny press packet to portland indymedia reporter; "Indymedia is not real media", they say
The difference between liberals and radicals is simple: liberals want to change the world their way and make other people do the work; radicals want to change the world and are out there doing it themselves.
From the open publishing newswire: A portland indymedia volunteer who was seeking an official J18 press packet for background for her story about the day's event was denied one by organizers at the information table, who told her that "Indymedia is not real media". The portland indymedia volunteer explained that she was planning on interviewing people from different organizations for a story for the website, and that she wanted the list and any other information they could share to help her write it. They asked her if she had a press pass to show and when she told them she didn't she was not allowed to have a press packet from the stack.

That's what she told me. Those are the facts. Here are my personal opinions about the incident and what it signifies.
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Military recruitment center in Portland targeted by radical anti-war activists
From the open publishing newswire: apparently the recruitment center by the lloyd center was targeted as the protests downtown were winding down. The center was closed and locked today but the walls were chalked with No War and the circle A, and the windows were broken in protest to the actions taken today and everyday by American imperialism.
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Radical Youth take action against US military; Smashes windows at recruiting office
From the open publishing newswire: For Immediate Release: On Saturday, January 18th at approximately 4pm the Radical Youth Brigade launched the first in a series of preemptive strikes directly against military recruiting in the Portland area. The windows of the U.S. Military recruiting office at NE 13th and Broadway were shattered and graffiti nearby proudly proclaimed that there will be "NO WAR BUT THE CLASS WAR."

The Brigade launched this offensive in direct response to the unrestrained militarism of the Bush administration, a rogue dictatorship in possession of weapons of mass destruction. This action was taken in solidarity with the worldwide protest against the impending war on Iraq. Although war has not been declared, racist military recruitment and the "poverty draft" amount to war on the youth of our communities.
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All Power To The Future! .... P-ACA J18 Report
The Community Childcare organized by Portland Anti Capitalist Action was a great time and a huge success. Four kids attended: Sage, Raven, Anna and Cade ... There was painting, puzzles, games, playing with clay, food, balloons, and a lot of attention and love! The kids were amazing and we are organizing so that we can provide this service at any and all events in the future.

Food and Knowledge Members of Portland Anti Capitalist Action handed out hundreds of free vegan sandwiches downtown this past Saturday, along with hundreds of leaflets and hundreds of copies of Little Beirut.

Little Beirut The newsprint newsletter is out, 2000 copies printed and circulating the city. If you haven?t found a copy by the end of the week then give us a write at littlebeirut@ziplip.com.

Revolution ACA would like to applaud all those who went out on the streets this past weekend world wide without the agenda to recruit, or take credit, or ?police? anyone?s desire to visualize and express their outrage for George W. Bush and his nightmare war with no end.

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Peace march in Vancouver, Washington

From the open publishing newswire: Vancouver WA had a rare peace march today. Activists here usually just hook up with Portland, which we again did today. Our march was in the morning, from Clark College to downtown & back. We attracted about 400 peaceful people of wide demographic! That's a lot for us, & this was planned less than two weeks ago. Made us happy. The peace wave is growing, sisters & brothers. Let us make it bigger & bigger, to sweep across the entire planet. [ Read more... ]